MAY 1, 2018 — SOURCE: WKRT — Potentially deadly snake venom extracted in Ky. could help cure cancer


APRIL 29, 2018 — SOURCE: THE IRISH SUN— SNAKES ALIVE! Irish brothers hoping to cure cancer with drug made from deadly snake venom find it benefits 66 per cent of terminally ill patients


APRIL 18, 2018 — Spotlight Innovation Subsidiary Celtic Biotech Iowa Announces Results from Two Cohorts of Phase I Trial of Crotoxin for the Treatment of Cancer

MARCH 28, 2018 — Spotlight Innovation Subsidiary Celtic Biotech Iowa to Present Two Posters at 2018 American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting


MARCH 10, 2017 — Celtic Biotech begins Part 2 of its Phase I dose escalation safety study, Crotoxin in Patients with Advanced Cancer using an Intravenous Route of Administration.


NOVEMBER 4, 2016 — United States Patent and Trademark Office issued Celtic Biotech Iowa U.S. Patent No. 9,345,751, entitled “Crotalus Durissus Terrificus Venom Administration for Cancer Treatment.”


Celtic Biotech Retains Exclusive License for Use of Crotamine as Cancer Imaging, Gene Therapy Technology From Instituto Butantan


Merger between Celtic Biotech Iowa, Inc., and Celtic Biotech LTD completed.

Exclusive License Agreement between Celtic Biotech LTD and Celtic Biotech Iowa, Inc. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Spotlight Innovation, Inc.)


Acquisition Letter of Intent (LOI) signed between Spotlight Innovation, Inc., and Celtic Biotech LTD.


Part 1 of Phase 1 Human Clinical Trial
Part 1 of Phase 1 human clinical trail was completed, meeting the study requirements. Part 2 scheduled to commence in 2014.


US Patent Published May 19, 2011
US 20110118191 A1: Crotoxin Administration for Cancer Treatment and Pain Relief
Disclosed is a method for treating cancer and/or pain using an intra-patient dose escalation procedure to deliver dosages of crotoxin. (Also published as US20130129706)


Phase 1 Human Clinical Trial
Phase I and Pharmacokinetic study of Crotoxin (Cytotoxic PLA2, NSC-624244) in Patients with Advanced Cancer
Cura et al., 2002 . Clinical Cancer Research, Vol. 8, 1033-1041 2002


Phase 1 Human Clinical Trial
Tumor regression of advanced carcinoma following intra-and/or peri-tumoral inoculation with VRCTC310 in humans: preliminary report of two cases
Costa et al., Immunopharmacol. Immunotoxicol. 20 (1), 15-25 1998


Phase 1 Human Clinical Trial
Phase I study of VRCTC310, a purified phospholipase A2 purified from snake venom, in patients with refractory cancer: safety and pharmacokinetic data
Costa et al., Anticancer Drugs 8 (9), 829-34 1997


  • Several Phase I Human Clinical trials have been completed with Crotoxin and VRCTC310
  • Independent studies by National Cancer Institute and University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center have confirmed the protein’s anti-cancer properties
  • Drug successfully produced for intravenous administration
  • Crotoxin genes have been constructed and expression of the A subunit has been successful. Gene expression and re-folding studies pending.
  • Pre-clinical HIV studies completed. Anti-viral studies are continuing in collaboration with the NIH.
  • Several pre-clinical analgesic studies completed and published
  • Studies confirm activity of Crotoxin with other anti-cancer agents
  • Studies demonstrate that Cardiotoxin is an effective adjuvant

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