Celtic Biotech Iowa, Inc.

Celtic Biotech Iowa develops novel therapeutic products for the treatment of solid cancers and pain in humans. Derived from specialized receptor binding proteins found in snake venom, these product candidates have the potential to reduce treatment costs, increase survival, and improve quality-of-life for cancer patients.

Celtic Biotech’s development products — CB24 (Crotoxin), Cardiotoxin and VRCTC-310 — have been shown to potentially possess several desirable properties as therapeutics. Substantive cost competitive advantages include: the products are relatively easy to manufacture; are stable; and are monotherapies that do not need to be used in conjunction with other drugs for efficacy.

Growth and aging of the human population are drivers of increasing cancer incidence and costs. Medical expenditures for cancer in the year 2020 are projected to reach at least $158 billion in the U.S. alone.

Celtic Biotech is concentrating on non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) as its initial target. NSCLC is the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide, and there is a large unmet need in terms of NSCLC therapies. Current approved therapies for NSCLC are poorly effective, and of the ~100 non-small-cell lung cancer therapeutic products in the clinical development pipeline, the majority are combinations of compounds already approved and there are few truly novel therapies. Any treatment showing a reasonable degree of efficacy would qualify for FDA fast-track approval. Crotoxin has been observed to be highly toxic to lung cancer cell lines in clinical studies, including complete responses in several lung cancer patients.

The Celtic Biotech team is dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of cancer patients world-wide. Please contact us for more information.

Celtic Biotech Iowa, Inc. is a subsidiary of Spotlight Innovation Inc.

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