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CB24 is derived from crotoxin (CT), a protein extracted from the venom of a tropical snake. For many years, cancer researchers have been investigating the use of targeting agents (monoclonal antibodies) to carry a toxic substance to a tumor site. CB24 has an inherent targeting component that makes it selective for tumor cells.


Cardiotoxin (CD )is a membrane-disruptive peptide isolated from the venom of certain cobras. CD has been shown to perturb cell membranes by insertion into the lipid phase.


A combination of Crotoxin (CT) and Cardiotoxin (CD) has resulted in the new research product VRCTC-310 with an enlarged “therapeutic window” (the difference between the therapeutic and the unwanted toxic doses).

Potential Therapeutic Properties

CB24 and VRCTC-310 potentially possess several desirable properties as therapeutics:

1. Broad activity against a variety of tumor cell types
2. Potent – a little goes a long way
3. Good therapeutic windows—induces tolerance permitting the use of higher than toxic doses to be employed.
4. Exhibit minimal adverse side effects and are well tolerated by patients
5. Production is relatively simple and the drugs are stable
6. Easy to administer—simple subcutaneous or intra-muscular injection
7. Early studies indicate significant analgesic effects

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